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Our Electrical Services In Medicine Hat


We Help Keep Industry Up And Running

No matter what kind of industrial electrical services you are looking for, you can rely on our team to provide comprehensive services and best-in-class customer support time and time again. From pre-engineered projects, to designing and building electrical solutions in confined spaces, our licensed electricians have got you covered. We believe in thorough preparation, which is why we always visit the job site before providing a quote. Trust us to meet all your industry-specific needs, time and time again!


Bringing Light to your Business

Whether you are in need of assistance with pre-engineered projects or require a comprehensive electrical solution tailored precisely to your specific needs, rest assured that our services are designed to deliver unparalleled expertise. Drawing from our extensive experience, we possess the essential skills and knowledge necessary to ensure the utmost success of your project. Prior to providing you with a detailed quote, we conduct a thorough assessment at the job site to ensure no aspect is overlooked. You can be confident that your project is in the hands of professionals committed to excellence


    Full Suite Of Agricultural Electric Services

    No matter what kind of electrical services you need for your farm, our team of highly trained licensed agricultural electricians can tackle any project, whether it’s a pre-engineered project or an entire electrical design and build. In order to ensure that all of your farm practices and biosecurity needs are being properly met and to prevent anything from being missed, our team will assess the work that needs to be done before providing you with a quote. 


    We Handle All Your Home Electrical Needs

    Our team of licensed and certified residential electrical contractors can handle all of your single-home or multi-family building needs. Whether you are wanting to contract our services to install an already-designed electrical system or are wanting us to design and build an electrical solution from scratch, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that the job is a success. No matter what kind of residential project we are working on, we will always take the time to assess the job before providing you with a quote .

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    Solar Panel Solutions For Your Business or Home

    Our talented team of licensed and certified electricians are highly knowledgeable and are always staying up to date on the latest solar panel technology. No matter what kind of solar panels you are wanting to have installed, our team can take care of all your solar system installation needs, including installing solar panels, inverters, racking, charge controllers, batteries, and grid-tied inverters. Once your solar system is up and running, we can provide you with ongoing maintenance to ensure that your solar panels continue to function optimally for years to come. 


    Our Most Commonly Asked Questions


    What's the difference between Commercial Electricians and Residential?

    The difference is largely experience. We work around different styles of business wiring. This includes hooking up different equipment and working to ensure that everything is functional first, and organized in a way that it suits your business.


    How much do you charge?

    Every Electrician Job we do comes with a custom quote because every job is as unique as the household it is in! Reach out to us so we can send a Residential Electrician and bright light to your household project you can get a custom quote online here! 

    Are Solar Panels worth it?

    Solar power efficiency is based on the efficiency rating of the panel! However, the pull solar electricity – it only costs 5 to 6 cents per KWh! Which ABSOLUTELY makes it a no brainer when the average resident in Medicine Hat starts at 10 cents per KWh after service charges and electrical charges!


    Will you work outside of Medicine Hat?

    Absolutely! We service Medicine Hat and the surrounding areas.  The oilfield was where this company began and it’s something we’ll continue to do. 


    Will Solar Panels damage my roof?

    Fortunately, roof damage with solar panel installation rare, The panels are designed to last up to 35 years depending on the manufacturer. It’s within our best practice to ensure that you are NOT damaging your roof!


    Is there anything you can't fix?

    We pride ourselves on being able to come up with some pretty clever solutions with all of our Electrician work. There isn’t much we haven’t seen from an electrical standpoint and we’re ready to take a crack at whatever your project throws our way. Just contact us!

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    Evolution Electric and Controls Ltd. is a team of licensed electricians dedicated to providing dependable, quality electrical services. Be it a residential or commercial project, there is no job too big or too small for our experts!


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